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Daniel McVicar

Actor Daniel McVicar, with a base in Italy and Los Angeles, is an example of a Hollywood export that is embracing independent European production. His earlier success in television introduced him to worldwide audiences, but it is his worldwide travels that introduced him to international filmmakers.

In 2012 he is working in Poland with director Jacek Bromski in his new film “One Small Step for a Man” and the Italian television success “Medico in Famiglia”.  He continues play roles in European projects in English and Italian.

One of 12 children raised in Colorado, Daniel McVicar originally came west to Los Angeles area to study at California Institute of the Arts, and in Hollywood studied with Stella Adler, Lee Strasberg, Paul Sills and Milton Katselas. He also studied in a Shakespeare Intensive at London’s Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts.

 On television in the United States he is known for his comedic appearances on “The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson”, his role as Rock Hudson in “The Elizabeth Taylor Story” and his role in “The Bold and the Beautiful”

He continues to work in Italy and Europe extensively, where he keeps a home in Torino. He appeared in many miniseries and films, working in Italian. Noteworthy projects have included “Men vs. Women” for Fausto Brizzi, the cult sci-fi film “Dark Resurrection”, and appearing as Diabolik in the cult video clip for the Italian musical group Tiromancino. A member of Mensa, he has been able to pick up enough language to work in Russian for award winning Russian director Dimitris Astrakhan’s film “The Fourth Planet.”

His company MagmaWave is based in Los Angeles and Torino, Italy, and has produced new media, full length “Making Of” documentaries, promotional videos, with feature films in development.  He is also a producer, writer, and director, with his short film “Always a First Time” chosen as part of the best of the fest of the Salento Film Festival, and was a pioneer in online video with his award winning show and community LateNiteMash.

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